Our approach


Tieme Ndo’s approach focuses on assisting farmers to achieve the optimum returns on their farm investment. We do this through various approaches. Click below to explore.

Credit Extension Package (CEP)

In the CEP farmers are offered three different services:
Input Credit– registered farmers have access to at least 3bags of fertilizer, seeds, and herbicides on credit.
Training and Extension Services – farmers are trained on new and appropriate agronomic practices. Extension services are provided to assist farmers appropriately apply good farm practices.
Access to market to sell your excess food – we assist farmers to get buyers to purchase their farm produce at or above market prices.

Small Agribusiness Development (SAD)

SAD focuses on supporting farmers develop an alternative market for their produce by training them on how to transform their products into different products. We assist them with entrepreneurial skills to help them establish small enterprises along the agriculture value chain.

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