Tieme Ndo secures $10,000 investment from a branch of the Lutterodt family.

In October 2022 through Ashesi University, Tieme Ndo began a conversation with the family to explore a potential partnership between the family and the organization. Over the years, the same branch of the Lutterodt family has been passionate about helping eliminate poverty in Northern Ghana where they have supported many small businesses that sought to empower young people to lift themselves out of poverty.

It was through the Ashesi University Foundation’s quarterly newsletter, where the work of Tieme Ndo was featured, that the family seized the opportunity to engage the founders of Tieme Ndo to explore a potential collaboration. Impressed with the work of Tieme Ndo and its vision, the family decided to provide an unconventional financing instrument; an amount of $10,000 USD working capital. The funding is to help Tieme Ndo increase the quantity of fertilizers, seeds and other farming technologies distributed to farmers. The investment will help Tieme Ndo provide
convenient and on time access to fertilizers, seeds and other input technologies to an additional 7,000 rural farmers in Northern Ghana over the next 10 years.

Tieme Ndo is a nonprofit social enterprise that provides rural farmers with farm inputs, training & extension services and market linkages to help them improve their crop yields and earn more income.

We are honored by the family for trusting us and believing in our vision to help more than 100,000 young farmers build financially stable families over the next decade.

If you or your organization is interested in supporting our work, please get in touch and let’s have a conversation. Send an email to info@tiemendo.com or mosesy@tiemendo.com

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