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Climate Change Is Real! What Should Farmers Be Doing To Produce Sufficient Food?

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The Missing Middle

The majority of farmers in Northern Ghana own land, but that land is not as productive as it could be. The average farmer who grows corn harvest less than 1/5th of the potential yield per hectare. Low crop yields continue to plunge many rural families into severe hunger and poverty. If there was a way to help farmers double their crop yield, earn more income, this solution would be useful to millions of people in Ghana. See below our approach to making farming easier and profitable for rural farmers:

Access to Productive Farm Inputs

Our Baafo program first ensures farmers have the available capital to pay for farm inputs. This is actually a major barrier for many farmers, as most have spent all their cash by the time planting season starts. Farmers are provided with a bundle of high-quality seeds, fertilizers, and other input technologies at the right time and at the farmers’ convenience. Input credit is provided to credible and deserving farmers to help them expand their farms.

Training & Extension Service

We don’t just distribute farm inputs, we enhance the capacity of our farmers on the appropriate use of the products. We don’t stop there either, we follow up on our farmers to ensure or assist them use the inputs appropriately. Our training sessions focus on good agronomic practices and climate-smart agriculture, increasing farmers’ resilience to the effects of climate change. Every month, our farmers meet in groups to share ideas and collaborate to solve problems they face on their farms.

Market Linkage

Farmers are motivated to increase production when they have a reliable market to sell their farm produce after harvest. We scout for buyers and negotiate a good price for our farmers, allowing them to sell their produce at favorable prices.


Metric Tons of Fertilizer Distributed


Metric Tons of Improved Seeds Distributed


Farmers Reached


Average Yield Increase (%)

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