Climate Change Is Real! What Should Farmers Be Doing To Produce Sufficient Food?


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For the rural farmer who experiences consistent low crop yield, due to limited funds to access and pay upfront for improved seeds and fertilizers, Tieme Ndo promises you convenient and timely access to improved farm inputs and technologies that would boost your crop yield and income. We collaborate with you to eliminate hunger and poverty among your generation. We deliver our promise with our innovative packages:

Credit Extension Package (CEP)

CEP is a program allows rural farmers to receive and pay for various packages of farm inputs on installment. The program gives the poorest farmer the opportunity to access the most basic farm inputs (seeds and fertilizers). For the industrious and ambitious farmer, CEP empowers them to expand their farms. More than this, CEP is accelerating the adoption and use of improved farm technologies and practices. contributing to higher crop yields.


Baafo means growth in “Dagaare”. Baafo gives rural farmers the opportunity to set targets (in terms of the farm inputs needed for the coming season) and save small incremental amounts to purchase the farm inputs. This initiative empowers and relieves them of stress and anxiety as they are faced with many decisions concerning the use of their hard-earned income.

Village Agripreneur

Easily start your agro-inputs shop within your community to hold and sell our products to farmers. Be the face of the organization in your community to disseminate information and distribute our products whilst earning commissions. No huge capital requirements….you only need to be passionate about improving the lives of others whilst creating wealth.


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Metric Tons of Improved Seeds Distributed


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