Climate Change is real! What should farmers be doing to produce sufficient food?

The farming season has begun. Farmers in the Southern part of Ghana are already busy on their farms. Their colleagues in the Northern part of the country are just starting. Never before, farmers are seeing the reality of climate change: unpredictable rains, hot weathers, strong winds, rising sea levels, etc. As the impact of climate […]

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Why Do Farmers Need the Service of an Extension Officer?

For years now, the provision of extension services to farmers has been a challenge in Africa, for that matter Ghana. In Ghana for example the extension officer to farmer ratio is as high as 1:1500 farmers. This means, only one extension officer is responsible to visit the farms of 1500 farmers. If the farmer has […]

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About us

TIEME NDO literally meaning “Push Me Up” in Dagaare, distributes improved seeds and fertilizers to smallholder farmers in Ghana on credit. Our unique assets financing model eliminates the capital barriers that limit farmers’ ability to increase crop productivity per field. Our model empowers smallholder farmers to access improved farm inputs on time, that helps them […]

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